• Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

    Dr. Klein Demonstrates How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears In this video, Dr. Klein provides the steps on how to clean your dog’s ears at home. Just like with your ears, it is important to take care of them between visits to the doctor. Learn how to use properly apply liquid cleaner to keep the […]

  • New Puppy Exam

    Dr. Klein Demonstrates a Puppy Exam In this video Dr. Klein and Maggie demonstrate what clients can expect in a fear free new puppy visit. It is always important to get new puppies examined as soon as possible to detect any congenital concerns any ensure you have a happy, healthy growing puppy. At Veterinary Care […]

  • Dental Exam

    Dr. Klein Discusses the Process and Importance of Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats In this video, Dr. Klein breaks down the process of a dental cleaning, the importance of dental radiography and what to expect when your pet gets a dental cleaning at the vet. Just like with our teeth, dogs and cats need […]

  • Dental Preventative Care

    Dr. Klein Discusses Dental Disease Progression and Care In this video, Dr. Klein and Colin breakdown dental disease and what clients need to know and look for with their pets at home. Dental disease progresses without treatment and can be painful and even dangerous to some dogs and cats. Catching dental disease early and slowing […]