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Meet Our VCC Team

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  • Mike Finkel

    Dr. Finkel, born and raised in St. Louis, received his veterinary degree from the University of Missouri.  He then did his post-doctoral training at the University of California and continued to practice there for eight years before returning to St. Louis to be with family.  He then went on to owning Village Animal Clinic, servicing Town and Country for decades, before merging with VCC.  Dr. Finkel's kids are all grown and has given him four lovely grandchildren.  In his spare time, he enjoys keeping topical fish aquariums, playing guitar and spending time with family.  His furry family includes an amazon parrot 'Sparky', who has a personality to match his name and a very spoiled pug named Phoebe. His whole career is founded on treating his patients like his own pets and caring for his clients like family.

  • Dr.
    Evan Klein

    Dr. Klein has been practicing in small animal medicine and surgery for the past 10 years. He realized his dream of becoming a veterinarian while he was working to complete his degree in marine biology in Santa Cruz, CA. For three of his years in school he volunteered his time and love at an animal shelter. During this time he realized his complete love of animals and that his true passion lied in helping those who could not speak for themselves.

    After this dream was realized the real work began. Dr. Klein attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in Saint Kitts. His clinical year was completed at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. His drive for further knowledge led him to apply for an additional internship and extend his years of study. Once accepted he was an intern with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Ambulatory Department and Champaign County Small Animal Shelter.

    During this past year Dr. Evan Klein has become an owner at Veterinary Care Center. From wellness preventive care visits to more advanced medicine and surgery, his main focus is treating your pet as part of the family. Dr. Klein is proud to be certified in a program called Fear Free, a program designed to make visits to the hospital as stress free as possible.

    In his free time, Dr. Klein loves going mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with his wife and family.

  • Matthew Shivelbine

    Dr. Matthew Shivelbine is excited to be the the newest addition to the VCC veterinary team! Dr. Shivelbine (or Dr. Shiv, as he is known to be called) is a Missouri native, originally from Cape Girardeau, where he grew up in his family’s music store. Inspired by his father’s work ethic and his mother’s love of learning, he moved north to Kirksville where he attended Truman State University. He developed a real love of biology and animal science that eventually directed him to a career in veterinary medicine. He moved to St. Louis after graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, and has been practicing throughout the metro area since then. Dr. Shivelbine is interested in soft tissue surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, and exotic animal medicine. He is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    Dr. Shivelbine truly enjoys working through animal health concerns, and wants to foster open & honest communication with our VCC families. Before you make a medical decision together, he wants you to understand not only what we need to do but why we are recommending it.

    Dr. Shivelbine regularly plays violin (well), bass (pretty good), and accordion (poorly) with his wife Jenna and their friends in the acoustic band The Aught Naughts. They also love watching / mocking low budget scary movies and laughing a lot. Jenna has an amazing imagination – she makes toys, stuffed animals, children’s books and other creations in her home studio. Matt and Jenna both enjoy building Lego sculptures with their young boys Olin and Emrik. Olin studies karate and is hard at work on his path to black belt. Emrik loves music and is absolutely crazy for steam trains. The real boss of the house is their cat, Clever Dan – a grey tabby with a remarkably high IQ.

  • Dr.
    Laura Joback

    Hi! I am Dr. Laura Joback. I have been a part of the Veterinary Care Center team since 2001. I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for undergraduate studies in biochemistry and then graduated from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 1994. Because I am a St. Louis native, I WILL tell you where I “went to high school”… Westminster Christian Academy, graduating in 1987.

    Finding my niche in a private practice where I can exclusively focus on the highest quality of care has allowed me to feed my passion for this field. Many of my patients have been with me from their initial 6 week visit to the moment they enter their twilight years and require geriatric care. My utmost goal is to focus on the Wellness needs of our patients in addition to when they are sick or in need of vaccinations. Communication is vital with my clients and I thrive on that connection. That interface, between you as the owner and me as your pets’ medical caregiver, aids me in giving your pet the highest quality medical care possible.

    When I’m not saving lives and stamping out disease and pestilence in the Greater Chesterfield-land area I am spending quality time with my husband, who I am VERY thankful to have alongside me. Together we have 2 sons. Our house is also occupied by an array of “non-human” residents. We currently have one dog, a Chocolate Goldendoodle named Malachi, two parakeets, named “Japheth” and “Zilpah” in addition to a variety of fish named after superheroes, StarWars characters or movie stars.

  • Elaine
    Hospital Administrator

    As our hospital administrator, I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team of doctors and staff as well as being able to assist them in providing the best care for our patients. As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to work with animals and that dream came true for me over 15 years ago when I first started in the veterinary field as a receptionist. Since then, I have worked in all faucets in the field, from working in the clinic, assisting in surgery and eventually into management. What I love most about working at VCC is getting to build long lasting relationships with clients and their pets, while working with such a dedicated and fun loving team.

    When I’m not busy at work, I enjoy spending time with my loving husband and caring for our menagerie of pets, including various geckos, frogs and invertebrates, as well as our four rambunctious cats, Amadeus, Pompeii, Two-Socks and Kitty. We also like taking day trips to different antique and thrift shops, where we can find those special antiques to decorate our century Victorian. We also enjoy cooking together and hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Or simply spending a relaxing night in watching nature documentaries.

  • Leslie
    Customer Service Representative

    Hi! My name is Leslie, I’ve been with VCC since 2016. I absolutely love my work family as well as being around animals all day. The things I enjoy doing the most in my spare time are, hanging out with my friends and family, relaxing at home and of course playing with Halo and Chance, my two boxers. I have had Halo since he was a little baby and Chance, who I got from a rescue because he is deaf.

  • Jessica
    Veterinary Technician

    Hi! I'm Jessi, I joined the VCC family in 2017. I graduated from Hickey College with an associates in Animal Science. I love working in this field because I can make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners. What I love most about VCC is all the wonderful people I work with and all the fun we have together. I share my home with an adorable Bull Terrier, Lola. I also have two wonderful daughters and a husband, who I love spending every moment I can with. We enjoy playing games, watching movies together and spending time outdoors.

  • Brittani
    Veterinary Technician

    Hi! I’m Brittani, one of the registered technicians here at VCC, I have been a part of this family since March of 2017. One of my many passions is helping sick puppies and kitties and being able to nurse them back to health. I also enjoy talking with clients and getting to know them and their furry family members. At home I care for my dogs and many feathered friends. I also enjoy traveling to new places to see new sites, meet new people and ride on roller coasters that I’ve never been on before.

  • Colin
    Veterinary Technician

    Hello! I’m Colin, one of the Registered Veterinary Technicians here at VCC. I graduated from Hickey College with an associates in Veterinary Technology and joined the VCC family in 2015. One of my favorite things about being in this field is being able to improve the lives of animals and their owners. It’s also great to work with puppies and kittens. The best thing about working at VCC is my coworkers! I share my home live with my dog Arya, two cats Mati and Mira and a bearded dragon named Liz Khalifa. My hobbies are fishing, going to concerts and spending time with my family and friends.

  • Phoebe
    Veterinary Technician

    Hi! I'm Phoebe and I joined the VCC team in 2019.  One of my favorite things about working at VCC is being able learn something new every day and getting to help clients and their fur babies live happy and healthy lives. When I'm not at work I enjoy exploring new places and hiking with my dogs, 'Bill' a German Short Haired Pointer mix and 'Diego' a Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog).  I also am passionate about less furry creatures, like snakes, frogs, and lizards, as well as invertebrates.  

  • Brandi
    Veterinary Technician

    Hello! I’m a technician here at VCC, I graduated with an associate’s degree in Applied Science and have been a technician in the field since 2012. The best thing about working at VCC is working with pets and their families. It makes me glad to be able to help animals live happy and healthy lives! At home I have a Schipperke named Bowser and a cat named Paul. In my free time I enjoy camping, crocheting and participating in fun runs!

  • Kristy
    Lead Veterinary Technician

    Hi! My name is Kristy, I am the lead technician here at VCC. I love working with animals and taking part in keeping them happy and healthy. The team I get to work with makes it even more enjoyable. My pets are my children, I have a black cat named Caselli and two Old English Bull Terriers named Scrappy and Benelli. I also love spending time with friends and family, making people laugh and a enjoying a tall wine on Friday nights.

  • Mindi
    Customer Service Representative & Technician


  • Lesley
    Customer Service Representative & Veterinary Technician


  • Chris
    Customer Service Representative & Technician

    Hi! I'm Chris!  I came over to the VCC family with Dr. Finkel.  I have been a technician and receptionist for over two decades.  I love being able to help sick or injured animals as well as building relationships with their owners.

    In my free time, I enjoy being a mom to my four kids.  We currently have one furry family member.  She is a Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix named Minnie.  I love to travel, read, watch sports, hike, go fishing, and be with family and friends.